Team / Bitreaper

Who am I?

I'm a hacker who loves technology. I've often been asked what I would do if I was not going to work in tech anymore, and I honestly can't come up with an answer. I love both hardware and software, and if I'm doing one for my job, I'm usually doing the other for my hobby. I'm sick that way... ;) In displaying some of the ADD that is endemic to the hacker community, I always have far too many projects open, and too many technologies are always calling to be hacked upon. I'm basically an inventor at heart.

If you see skills you like here, I'm always open to talking about opportunities. I do contract work as well as permanent placement, and I'm the type of guy who likes to work himself out of a job, because I know that by doing so I'll always have work, and so far it's strategy that has worked. I can be reached at bitreaper [at] n357 {dot} com.


Career Objective

To play with cool projects and technologies. Seriously? To obtain a software engineering position, doing either programming or test automation.

Major skills and technologies

Major Achievements

Professional Experience

ProtoTest at Dot Hill Systems
11/08 - 2/09 Senior Test Automation Engineer
4/07 - 10/08 Senior Software QA Engineer
Aircom at Ericsson
10/06 - 3/07 Software Engineer
ATP Personnel at HP Open Source and Linux Organization
9/05 - 10/06 ATCA QA Captain, aka "the QuAC"
ProtoTest at HP FSTL server lab
11/02 - 9/05 Firmware Test Engineer
Voyant Technologies
10/01 - 9/02 Software QA Engineer
SiTera (acq. by Vitesse)
9/00 - 5/01 Digital Design Verification Engineer
4/00 - 9/00 Software Engineer, CAD tools
12/98 - 4/00 Build and Release Engineer, System Software Team